Construction Updates

Map showing construction progress on ORBT stations as of Nov. 3, 2020

November 3, 2020

ORBT Stations

Canopies at all ORBT stations have been installed. Stations are being tested in preparation for launch later this year! Traffic lanes and sidewalks are open and accessible.

ORBT Stops

The following locations are ORBT Stops, which are locations where a stop is warranted but stations cannot be built because of space or floodplain restrictions. Stops will be identified with branded ORBT signs. Metro is working on amenities that can fit within the spatial limits of these locations.

  • 33rd & Dodge eastbound
  • Park Ave. & Dodge westbound
  • 77th & Dodge, both sides

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  • Bus stops near future ORBT sites have been relocated for pedestrian and rider safety during construction. They will remain in the relocated location until ORBT begins operation next spring.
  • Check out the rider alert on, or click here to view a full size map!
  • Construction is being phased to limit impacts as much as possible, such as manufacturing canopies off site to shorten the impact period and constructing only one side of the street at a given time.
  • To expedite construction, the team may be working on as many as 15 stations simultaneously, with anywhere from 6-8 road closures at once.
  • Construction crews will be rebuilding both the sidewalk and the traffic lane during station construction, and in many cases they will be unable to install temporary sidewalks due to limited right of way. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Pedestrians are encouraged to use alternate routes until construction at each site is completed.¬†Sidewalk closures will be indicated with signage. Pedestrian access to intersections and crosswalks will be maintained as much as possible.

Questions about ORBT construction? Give us a shout: 402.630.9342